Technical sketching according to the ISO drawing standards

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03616Drawing standards are the written rules that establish the conventions to be applied in the representation of engineering components for designing, manufacturing and quality control purposes. These rules integrate a common language for the Graphic Engineering field, and make possible the transmission of graphical information among different professionals, regardless of their country of origin. “Technical sketching according to the ISO drawing standards” explains, by means of multiple examples and detailed comments, the essential and most important drawing standards published by the International Standards Organization (ISO). Firstly, this book exposes the employment of the basic rules for graphical representation, conventional views, non-conventional views, cross-sections, sections and dimensions.

Secondly, the representation of threads and assemblies is described. Finally, the integration of roughness requirements, size tolerance and geometric tolerance in technical drawings is approached.


Autor: Beatriz Defez García, Guillermo Perla Fajarnes, Carlos Rubio Sanvalero, Ignacio Tortajada Montañana



ISBN:             9788490481448

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